• What to Do in Your Garden in Autumn
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    What to Do in Your Garden in Autumn

    Summer is coming to a close and those long warm days where you can sit in the garden will soon be gone.  Now it is time to get your garden ready for the long winter ahead.  Preparing your garden for the winter helps make sure that the flowers and plants can survive the winter and the new crop that you plant next year can thrive in good soil.  What to do with your garden in autumn is as important as what you do in the spring, both are important to having a beautiful garden next summer.  Here is some of the things that you need to do in the fall.

    1. If you want good soil and stronger plants next season then mulch any of your vegetable beds. It will help with the texture of the soil for next year.

    2. If you plant annual flowers then now is the time to get them in the ground. You will want to start planting things like Ammu Majus, Sweet Rocket, Cornflowers and Nigella. If you have a vegetable garden every year then now is the time to plant your spring onions. These grow through the winter and give you your first crop in the springtime.

    3. This is the time you want to use manures that are a hardy green such as field clover and use it to keep your vegetable garden covered for the winter.

    4. This is also the time that you want to plant the bulbs that are going to bloom for you in the early spring. You can start first with alliums and a little later in November once the soil has thoroughly cooled you can add your tulips.

    5. Start deadheading some of your flowers, this will make them stronger and give you some new blooms in October. You can do this with both roses and dahlias.  Here is how to deadhead roses.

    6. Harvest your root vegetables like potatoes and squash. You are also going to want to bring in the last of your beans. Once you do that they you need to cut down the foliage from the bean plants but leave the roots in the ground they will provide nitrogen to the soil.

    7. After you rake up all the leaves from around the property you can use them to make leaf mould which can also help your soil over the winter.

    8. Don’t stop watering your plants, make sure that they don’t dry out.

    This should get you started to prepare your garden for the winter so that you have beautiful blooms next year.